You can order your taxi directly via phone as well as discuss potential special requests. We gladly inform you about the expected arrival time and advise you regarding additional questions. Furthermore, you can find out about the availability of large-capacity taxis in this manner.


You can call us 24 hours each day via the following phone numbers:


+49 53 61 23 0 23

+49 53 61 24 0 24


Please bear with us and stay on the line if you don't reach one of our agents immediately. The calls are processed in chronological order, a new call would be ranked accordingly.




You are also welcome to send us a fax unter the following fax number:


0 53 61 / 23 0 45


This option is very popular among our billing customers and a spontaneous alternative if a phone call is not possible due to health concerns. Incoming faxes are printed out promptly and hereby brought to the agent's attention. However, please note that phone calls have priority, therefore it can take some minutes until your fax is processed.