Unfortunately, the availability of large-capacity taxis can't be guaranteed in general. Due to low quantity, it is only possible to inquire about the status of these vehicles via phone. However, our agents will be glad to inform you about the corresponding availability und expected waiting time. In any case, please inform us about the number of persons and your phone number while booking the cab, so that we can advise you in the event of delays. Furthermore, please note that our large-capacity taxis can only transport 6-8 passengers.


Advance booking


We are sorry to inform you that scheduled rides for large-capacity taxis normally can't be accepted. As we are a straight dispatching center, we can neither determine nor predict the availability of these vehicles. Thus, orders in advance are only possible if the customer agrees to two normal cabs as an alternative. Regarding larger groups of passengers, we additionally need indication of the total number of passengers to be able to plan adequately.


In case of groups consisting of 7-8 passengers, currently only the companies Fricke and Rudolf operate a fitting taxibus. The availability of these vehicles can only be inquired directly at the contractor. Further information including contact data can be found in our company list.




The transport of five or more passengers in a large-capacity taxi involves a surcharge of 25 % on the complete fare.