Courier services


In addition to passenger transportation we offer several courier services, which vary in availability:


Cargo delivery


We transport every kind of cargo that can be stored within the normal capacities of our cars. The freight is picked up at the customer and then delivered to the destination address, where the fare is typically paid. These transports can be ordered spontaneously and are carried out at once. However, if the freight consists of larger goods, must be secured for transport or could be problematic in other manners, please consult our agents before. These orders can only be accepted with reservation, because first of all we have to find a fitting car and driver.


Food delivery


If you want to enjoy a meal from you favourite restaurant at home, but no delivery service is available, we gladly assume the transport to your home. Please note however, that in this case either the restaurant must order the taxi or alternatively the driver has to collect the payment from you at first, because food can't be returned.


Shopping service


Make use of our shopping service at late hours or in times of need:


  • Fetching medicine from the pharmacy
  • Purchases at kiosks and petrol stations
  • Shopping trips

However, procurement of alcoholic beverages is excluded. Furthermore, these orders can only be carried out on a voluntary basis. Our agents will be glad to advise you accordingly.