As cab driver you directly attend to the customer and therefore have to work strictly service-oriented. In addition to passenger transportation this also affects courier services. You receive your assignments from our centre, your company or own regular customers. You are hereby solely responsible for your work and will encounter a great variety of situations. However, in case of questions you can get assistance from the centre or your company.


Your qualification includes an appropriate driving licence and experience as well as extensive local knowledge within the City of Wolfsburg, which must be certified by a separate exam. Finally, the passenger transportation license is a mandatory requirement, which is subject to additional prerequisites.



  • Knowledge of the German language
  • Interest in car driving and interactions with people
  • Working independently with service orientation
  • Driving licence of class B and two years driving experience
  • Valid passenger transportation licence
  • Conflict ability
  • Reliability


Passenger transportation licence


The licence for passenger transportation is subject to separate prerequisites. Please consider the relevant requests and leaflets for more detailed information:


  • Medical certificate of physical and mental fitness (Request)
  • Ophthalmologic survey
  • Police clearance certificate



The driving personnel is exclusively employed by the cab companies connected with us. These companies publish their job offers usually in daily newspapers and on the job market of the employment agency. The application procedure depends on the particular company and must be inquired separately. However, you are welcome to inform yourself about pontential employers in our company list.