Lost & Found


In the course of a hectic day it happens quite often that especially small items are lost in the cab or drop out of a pocket or bag. On this occasion we want to illustrate our course of action regarding lost items. In addition, please take note of the legal situation.


Notification by the driver


In many cases such items are found by the driver during a later search. The find is then reported to our centre, in which all data is recorded and kept handy for our agents. However, since we can't assume liability for these items, they are not stored in our centre.


Notification by the client


If the loss is reported by a customer, all data of the lost item and the corresponding ride is recorded as well. We then try to use this data to track down the ride and the associated vehicle and ask the driver if he has found such an item. If no particular vehicle can be determined, all our cabs will be informed.


Returning the item


Provided that the item has been found, we would establish contact between client and driver, which ideally leads to an agreement. However, please note that the driver may demand a fee for a specific delivery. Alternatively, the transfer takes place free of charge on occasion or to the lost property office. Upon consultation with the customer, it is free of charge as well to deposit the item shortly for retrieval in our centre.


However, the storage of all lost items in our centre is not possible due to liability reasons.