Customer rights


Entering the cab at the taxi station


Regarding entry at the taxi station, you can choose freely between the cabs. Though the first cab has waited for a passenger the longest time, the choice is yours. Should a different vehicle seem more suitable for your needs, feel free to take it. Every cab at the station is obligated to transport you. Similarly, you may take the passenger seat of your choice as long as no force majeure (corona pandemic) requires otherwise.


Start of the ride


The driver must take your desired route. Provided that you express no preference, he is obligated to take the shortest way to the destination. In many cases you are offered options to choose from. During rides within the mandatory driving area of Wolfsburg the gauged taximeter has to be utilized due to the tariff obligation. Solely during rides beyond that area the fare may be arrangend freely with the driver.


During the ride


Turning on the car radio requires the consent of all passengers. In any case it must be so quiet that the passengers are not bothered. Smoking is not allowed both for the driver and the passengers. Similarly, the requirement to use safety belts applies to the passengers and since 2014 to the driver as well.


After the ride


On request, a receipt must be issued after the ride which contains route and registration number of the cab. In our vehicles this receipt is provided by a printout on which the route may be filled in manually. The fare must equate to the taximeter price or the arranged fixed price in case of out-of-town tours. Surcharges don't exist in Wolfsburg except for the tariff for large-capacity taxis (25% surcharge).